Sunday, July 26, 2009

PBS Sprout

All parents say, before they become parents, that they won't let their child watch too much TV. I give PBS Sprout a huge FIVE star rating. This age appropriate programming is fantastic! I always said I wouldn't let our son watch TV, but since I found Sprout, I've changed my mind a bit. This doesn't mean I let him sit there all day and watch, but it does mean there are some VERY good shows offered on this channel.

They have a "Good Morning" show soon to include the Wiggles, "Let's Go Show", the "Sharing Show" and the "Goodnight Show". I especially like the "Goodnight Show". Every show has a host and a puppet side-kick. As they say, it's "All preschool all the time". The shows are filled with age appropriate cartoons, crafts and education like sign language, music and geography.

My son has learned quite a bit from watching this channel. Every night, he watches some of the "Goodnight Show" for about half an hour as it's intent is to unwind kids with a stretch, a craft, sign language, a song and a few cartoons aimed at getting them ready for bed. It really does the trick with my son and I can't recommend it highly enough! In addition, all of their crafts and skills are listed on their website,

If it's not available in your area, they encourage you to ask your cable provider to offer it!

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